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Looking for the best fixed gear bikes? Or want to enjoy your time with a passion that refreshes your body and mind? So, why not biking? Because biking is a fun activity that people can enjoy a lot.

If you are a newbie and love to ride on paved or even in roads, the fixed gear bikes are your best option. Among the different kinds of bicycles, fixed gear bikes mostly loved to the riders.

In today’s urban jungle, fixed gear bikes become the ultimate chic. According to our team of experts, we have described a lot more information about fixed gear bikes given below.

And out of hundreds of model we mentioned, some of the fixed gear bike brands that will help you to choose one. A fixed gear bike known as fixie in some of the places is a bicycle that has drive train with no freewheel mechanism.​

Early in the history of the cycling, the freewheel was developed, but the fixed gear bicycle remained the quality of track racing design.

Nowadays, they become the popular alternative among the urban cyclist compared to the standard multi-geared bicycle. Both are appearance and operation they are as unique as elegant.​

Our friends from Nick Zaglmayr have a detailed video on selecting the best spinning reel, before reading our own guideline,just have a look what they got to say:​

The fixed gear phenomenon has become a fascinating and thriving fringe element of cycling. In its operation offers only a refreshing simplicity. To go forward, you just pedal forward and to reverse you can even pedal backward.

Want to just stop? It is very simple to stand on the pedals.​ With the help of your best fixed gear bikes, you can easily move around your neighborhood or campus.

Though it is a very iffy proposition, nowadays you can find lots of fixed gear bikes second hand for sale. But it is better to buy a new one. So why not you go for the brand new?

The Advantages of Best Fixed Gear Bikes

For a couple of reasons, the riders of this bike prefer it. They believe, while the cycling is in the motion, the pedaling rhythm can be improved because they have to pedal nonstop. Listed below here are some of the advantages of fixed gear bikes.​

The best fixed gear bikes are relatively light. And therefore low on maintenance, they have fewer mechanical parts. According to the price they are inexpensive.​

Using the pedal they can slow down the speed of the bike and also increase the endurance. It is calculated as the best bike to use in winter and slippery conditions because pedals are connected to the rear wheel.

The continuous pedaling seems to be a great exercise for your legs. It improves circulation and keeps the legs supple.​

How to Ride Fixed Gear Bike?

  • It is not similar to ride the fixed gear bike as riding an ordinary bike. At the beginning level, make it sure that it is not too fast. Riding on the hills is especially dangerous. At an emergency to make it in a stable condition or you can stop install the breaks. When you get used to the bike’s handling, you can always take the brakes off.
  • By putting your center of mass on your rear foot reduce speed when the pedals are in a horizontal position and at the same time hook up your forward foot. As it is hard to master this trick at first, so do a practice, again and again, that makes you perfect. Always pay attention to the road conditions.
  • When cornering, the pedals will continue to rotate. So with the foot on the edge side on top corner quickly. Or to keep your pedals from striking the ground reduce the cornering angle.
  • Pedaling forward will cause the fixed gear even faster. And driving backward will cause the fixed gear to rotate reverse. Pushing to open the lock ring. Both will create a gap between lock ring and fixed gears. For this reason, every time you have ridden the bikes tighten the lock.
  • The chain wheel ordinarily has 46-48T, as far as gear ratio is concerned. It is better to choose an easier gear ration at the beginning, such as 2.5-2.8.

How to Use Fixed Gear Bikes?

You will find a lot of things that people can do with fixed gear bike. For one, most newspaper boys and mailman use this, because it does not require some mechanical parts and maintenance. Fixed gear bikes are a little bit hard to use. Here are some tips to help you on how to use a fixed gear bikes.

  • You should have the knowledge when it is the right time to use and ride this kind of bicycle. It will take a chance to adjust. It is as usual types that you often use, this is very simple indeed. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the breaks and gears. Everything is beyond your control when you drive it. It is best if you have practice before go for long bike rides.
  • When the pedal is manipulated, this type of bikes only moves. It implies that if you start your journey steep tracks, you have to give a lot of effort. And this is the best way to develop your muscle strength, and in exercising it will serve as a convenient method.
  • To keep your feet on the pedal, it is advisable to use foot straps, especially if you are a newbie. The fixed gear bikes depend on the pedaling of the user. It is imperative to keep your feet secured. You do not require to use foot straps if you are an expert in your bike.
  • Nowadays a lot of people prefer this bike because they quickly go through the traffic and allow them to go from one place to another quicker and faster. It also appears with a classic look. Using your legs make your bike stops.
  • Before you going out on the street, make sure you are acquainted with this bike. You should have a regular practice that makes you perfect for cycling, and it is imperative.

Things to be Considered before Buying the Best Fixed Gear Bikes

It makes you free to realize that how fun and exhilarating this bike can be. So how do you pick the best fixed gear bikes for you? It seems to be a matter of preference. You should study some of the following things given below:

Fixed Gear Bikes


Nowadays, price is not the fact for fixed gear bikes. It is exceptional that you will find that costs as much as a car. Still, near about $500 at the most, you can afford it. And you don’t go for the best fixed gear bikes that cost more that thousand bucks.


The fixed gear bike comes with a variety of colors. And for that, it will suit your personality mostly. Among the many of parking bikes with a black look and funky colors makes it easier to find out your bike.​

Skill level

Some bikes including with brakes suited to the beginners mostly. The beginners should also be insisting on flip-flop rear hub. For that, you can use it as a single speed freewheel bike.​

Component quality and sizing options

You need a durable frame and some high-quality parts. You need several sizes to choose from because a different person prefers a different size.​

Comparison of Best Fixed Gear Bike in 2020

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

Editor Rating

The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Bike precisely for biking enthusiasts and commuters.

With a horizontal dropout, a tight welded frame and components that are best used for performing bike tricks on the street or riding on the town and a standard single speed bike.

More than ten colors this bike is available in three frame sizes. This Critical Cycles Fixie Urban Road Bike comes in 43, 49, 53, 57 and 60 cm sizes. Available for a multitude of riders, this seems to be one of the diverse bikes.

As the Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike includes a flip-flop hub, so the rider can utilize it as a fixed gear. This bike can handle the roughness of the road including asphalt and potholes with the Wanda tires that are optimized for use on the road and in the city.

Highlighted Features

  • Single Speed Track Frame
  • Flip Flop Hub
  • Fixed Gear and Freewheel Cogs on Wheelset
  • Well-Go Pedals, KMC Chain
  • Hand-built Fixed Gear built with Premium Steel
6KU Aluminum Fixie Urban Bike

Editor Rating

Ready to rock and dressed to impressed, the 6KU Fixie Urban Track Bike is made for jamming through traffic. With ease and faster it can from one place to another has always been dream and desire of men.

The 6KU Track Bike is a comfortable machine that is crafted with excellent features.

It is lightweight and surprisingly affordable. You can pick it in five colors of a combination. In every color choices, it will look great. It seems to be a great looking bike on the campus.

This bike also features with smooth welds, replaceable stainless steel dropouts, and high-quality aluminum. This bike is easy to assemble.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy removable front or rear brakes
  • 1 1/8 inch alloy fork
  • 30mm deep V double wall alloy wheels
  • 6061 double butted alloy smooth welding
  • 32H F/R flip-flop hub
Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

Editor Rating

The Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike is surprisingly well built and great cruising bike.

If you are looking for a bike for regular commutes and easy rides around the town, it seems to be perfect one you choose. It comes from ten color combos to choose.

It does not only a great look but also a distinct look in the bike rack. It is equipped with a flip-flop hub. The Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike itself fantastic, comfortable and easy to assemble.

Highlighted Features

  • High Tensile Steel Fully Tig-Welded
  • The frame is extremely durable
  • Alloy 46t bottom
  • 45mm Deep Alloy Rims
  • 32Hole Sealed Bearing Flip Flop Hub
Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear

Editor Rating

Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Bike is both for newbies and experienced riders alike based in California.

This bike will allow you to go faster while you are riding and offer you a streamlined position. It is one of the most affordable bikes of the list you find.

And of course, it depends on the size of the bikes you get. The beauty of this Critical Fixed-Gear Bike is versatile. It also features with a flip flop hub. The bike is easy to put together and rides wonderfully.

The quality of this bike is flawless, and everything feels solid. It seems to be clean, pretty lightweight and straightforward design. The assembly of this bike is self-explanatory and pretty easy.​

Highlighted Features

  • Alloy pedal and Leather Strap
  • Premium Hand Built Steel Fixed Gear with Bar-Spin Clearance
  • Stainless Steel Spoke with Super Deep-V Double Wall Rims
  • Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket
  • Wanda Tires, KMC Chain
  • 3-Piece Crank and Lightweight Alloy Chain wheel
Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie

Editor Rating

The Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Road Bike is an affordable and stylish fixed gear bike perfect for not only urban riding but also good for a college campus or even commuting.

They are easy to maintain and comes available in many cool colors.

You can choose from three sizes which range from 50m to 58 cm. But 54 cm is suitable for an average size of this bike is just fine. Regarding the frame and tires, you can also pick among five color combos. The shipping weight of these products 41 pounds.

Highlighted Features

  • Free Platform Pedals Included
  • Forged Alloy Crankset w/46T replaceable chainring
  • Urban geometry 700c tag-welded Frame and Fork
  • Fixed gear or single speed flip-flop hub
  • Matching Anodized Hubs with 45mm Double Walled Deep-V Anodized Wheelset
Pure Fix Glow Fixed Gear Bike

Editor Rating

This bike is specially designed for the young. But the adult also can get the larger size. The paint of this bike is solar-activated.

Of an urban geometry frame, Pure Fix Fixie bikes start with the elegance and simplicity. The straight fork of Pure Fix bikes made from durable high tensile steel.

With 74.25 gear-inches using a KMC chain, the gear ratio is 44:16. Built with high-end components including Zoom seat post, Neco headset, Neco stem, Oury grips, Pure Fix urban saddle, KMC chain, Pure Fix platform pedals, Kendra tires and tubes, Presta valves and Lasered KT Quando hubs.

The size option for this bike is 43 cm. seems to be a small enough for the teens. The color scheme of this bike is also very youth oriented. Overall the bike is beautiful and light. The shipping weight of this product is 25 pounds. And it is not eligible for international shipping.​

Highlighted Features

  • Deep dish 50mm wheels
  • Easily removable Radius front brake
  • Built to last high-tensile steel frame
  • Fork is machine Tig-welded
  • Flip-flop rear wheel hub
Kyoto Single Speed Fixie Bike

Editor Rating

If you are interested in getting a “fixie” bicycle, then the Kyoto Single Speed Fixie Bike is right for you. It is something like features with elegant, sturdy and reliable.

The urban cyclist or the trendy people, the Kyoto Fixie Bike is still a great option.

The most significant benefits of this single speed bike are the efficiency of energy transference. The transfer of power makes the Kyoto Fixie Bike ideal for racing.

The Kyoto offers a flip-flop hub to help you get into it. It enables you to switch between a freewheel or fixed gear so that you can coast. Since the wheel move with a pedal to slow down the cycle, it does not require the breaks.

For the safety and convenience, the Kyoto is equipped with two caliper breaks that are regulated by the handlebars.​

Highlighted Features

  • Flip-Flop hub that lets you ride as a single speed or fixed gear
  • Bullhorn Bars for maximum comfort
  • 43mm Deep V Rims
  • Front and rear dual caliper brakes
  • Race-inspired track geometry
  • Item Display Weight 25 pounds and shipping weight 36 pounds
State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear Bike

Editor Rating

As the quality of this product cares by this Arizona-based company, it becomes the most expensive lot. They also come with large custom options.

And from top to bottom you can pick and every single component you want.

Ranging from 46 to 62, here you can get 6 frame sizes. And it implies that you can get your accurate size. It is comfortable to ride and well built in its price point. This bike itself is fairly decent.

Highlighted Features

  • Bullhorns wrapped with bar tape
  • Lightweight 4130 Chromoly Frame Set
  • Superior to hi-tensile steel frames
  • State Bicycle Co. Single Speed/ Fixed Gear Bike
  • Front and rear Radius brakes included
  • Flip/flop hub means you can switch between single-speed and fixed gear with coasting
State Bicycle Black Label 6061

Editor Rating

The 6061 Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike comes with outstanding quality. The size offerings range from 49m to 62 cm. The height of this product is within 5 feet flat to 6’6”.

You will get 11 color schemes to choose from. They range from the Hot Pink to matte black that can truly test how safe you’re in your masculinity.

Highlighted Features

  • 49cm. Recommended rider height: 5’0″ to 5’3″
  • Flip-Flop Hub
  • Galaxy Hold Fast Straps and Limited Edition Galaxy 46T Crankset
  • Full carbon fiber steer tube with Essor USA carbon fiber fork
  • Double butted and tig-welded
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame
Dublin Single Speed Fixie Bike

Editor Rating

The Dublin Single Speed Fixie Bike has geometry like a road bike. The Dublin is the best deal you can take if you are used to this frame shape.

Make it comfortable to the cyclist, the other elements of the bike are also designed 1with efficiency.

This fixed gear bike for sale e also equipped with bullhorn handlebars that put the cyclist in an aerodynamic and comfortable position. You can arrive a higher velocity with less effort when you’re in a horizontal position.

The Frame Type is Steel. Item Display Weight and the Shipping Weight is 25 pounds and 36 pounds.

Highlighted Features

  • Flip-Flop hub that lets you ride as a single speed or fixed gear
  • Bullhorn Bars for maximum comfort
  • 43mm Deep V Rims
  • Front and rear dual caliper brakes
  • Race-inspired track geometry

Final Verdict

The best fixed gear bikes are ideal for your needs if you need a workout. It seems to be a beauty of it, which when the pedals move the wheels move. We have listed the bikes in this article according to the choices you want as freewheel cruising around town.​

So pick any one of this from the above list of bikes that is speedy for urban commutes and comfy for cruising. Comparing to the mountain bike you can ride better around town with the fixed gear bikes. And I hope that we are the best to offer you a fixed gear biking site that meets your needs.

However, don’t forget… as a consumer, you never miss and let me inform us with your comments about our site.​

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