Top Ten Best Longboard Reviews in 2020

Hey, are you looking to have great fun with a wonderful ride? “YES, then longboard will be the best choice for you to make real all of your dreams.

Longboarding is a successful form of physical exercise and saves your budget also when you practice for going to your next destination on a busy road.​

Therefore, if longboarding is your passion and whether you are looking for the best longboard, then you are here in the right place, my dear.​

This page is dedicated to declaring the first-class beginner longboards available. We have chosen the right sizes, maneuverability and weight distribution.​

No matter, if you are a newcomer or pro, getting your best longboard that will make that Longboarding faster, easier, budget-friendly, and best of all, start Longboarding today! Keep reading to learn all about it.​

Best Longboard

​What You Need to Know about the Benefits of Longboarding?

So what is in it for you? In this busy world, we all have trouble discovering time for ourselves and extra activities or hobbies outside of work, raising families, social obligations and going to school.

With longboarding, you enjoy the time to spend some time with yourself.​ Cruise, chill, enjoy the scenic beauty. You do not have to be a pro, performing or shredding rail slides.

Longboarding is a serious stress reliever and a semi-good type of physical activity.At the very least, you are enjoying some fresh air and getting outside.

The advantages of longboarding come in different forms—from physical exercise to satisfying the need for excitement and thrills.​

With longboarding, you decide on when you go, and for how long—not like other activities or hobbies which mostly involve other people or are organized among the particular schedule. Longboarding fits into busy lifestyle of all.​


Spend a few Times with Yourself

Journey on your longboard, or even practicing tricks can be an amusing way to build a sense of self. You do not need anybody to longboard with you to make it happen—only head out the door when you want and when it is handy to your schedule, day or night.​

Let us Get Physical! Longboarding seems to be a great cardio workout, moreover strengthen your quads, calves, and core upper body. As you experience new ways to use your best longboard, for tricks, great speed cruising and more, you will find that your exercise session becomes more intense.​

Eco-friendly and Time-Saving​

The move close to being eco-friendly and lessen our carbon footprint is important nowadays. Traveling by longboard instead of a car or other motorized transport you will be contributing to helping the Earth.​

There is no gas consumption or pollution involved simply good old muscle power! Longboarding features quicker than walking.

So you can easily travel from place to place in an appropriate manner, for instance at your college campus or with the busy city streets. Cut down your journey time and lessen your environmental impact.​

Express Yourself​

Longboarding is a lifestyle choice for most of the people. It can also be the best way to show self-expression.

Most longboards feature colorful designs and graphics; you can find one that matches your personality completely and ride it to view your true colors. You could even have some longboards to choose from, rely on your mood that day!​

What should you Look for in the Best Longboards to Buy?

Do not become confused by the available choices on the market today. While it is real that you will find different longboards available, and many brand names, there is one out there that is appropriate to suit your needs, style, and preferences.

To get you started in choosing the best longboard for yourself, this available guide will walk you through a few of the main factors to think about when making your selection, whether you are going to look for a cruising longboard, carving longboard or the best downhill longboard, there is something for everyone.

Consider the Deck Length

Initially, if you are not sure what the “deck” of a longboard is, it seems to be the platform on which you stand. The length of the deck will decide how much stability and control you will have as the longboarder.

The length is surveyed from the nose of the deck to the tail. Your experience level and body size will help decide which length is best suited towards you.

For instance, Children will require longboards with shorter decks while their bodies are smaller than an adult and they may not have enough experience or control. Here is a breakdown of the various sizes and who they may best work for:

Short Longboards (28-32 inches)

These are the best choices for children and adults under 5’3 inch. If taller adults choice to use a short longboard, they will need plenty of stability and skill—suitable for someone who may be well-experienced and looking to try out some great tricks.

Mid-Sized Longboards (32-42 inches)

This is the most wanted size of longboard nowadays on the market. This size is suggested for all levels, from latest riders to seasoned longboarders. If so were a “one size fits all” option, this would be it, offering plenty of control and ease of use.​

Extended Length Longboards (43 inches and up):​

If you like to cruise on your best longboard, these lengthen longboards are flexes what you are looking. They are enjoying a ride around the neighborhood or significant for traveling from place to place.​

The longer boards are too excellent for freestyling wherever you can attempt deals, such as Boardwalk. It is significant to note; nevertheless, that extended length boards are heavier making carrying a little more difficult.​

Deck Flex​

Every deck will have several flex to help the rider with function and stability. Your need for flex or no flex will rely on the remarkable use you have for your best longboard.​

Getting extra flex in your longboard deck implies that it can absorb bumpy roads and rough terrain as you ride, which assists to keep you on the board and will take stress from your knees, lower back and ankles.​

Longboards with enough flex qualify the rider to ride near to the ground, and helping with durability while carving and cruising over irregular terrain if you are an expert longboarder.​

The middle of the board absorbs your weight, so it is great to check the weight direction of the certain board you are interested in, and this will provide you a concept of how adaptable it will be for you exactly.

Longboards with little flex and a more stiff deck are best for downhill racing. These decks will boost the rider on board, especially at greater speeds.

If you are a newcomer, you might want, to begin with, a more stiff board too, while the flexible deck might make you feel unsteady in the beginning.​

All about the Kick-tail​

A few longboards feature kick-tail, and some do not. If you are not certain what truly a kick-tail is, it is the flipped up bit at the back end of your longboard.​

The best longboard is often utilized for performing tricks such as kickflips and Ollies, but you may only like the look of it and wish for your board to have a kick-tail. They are often found on the extended, longer boards.​

Budget or Price Point​

In the whole world, we could buy whichever longboard we need without worry about budget restrictions, but that is not fact. If you are a beginner, only starting out, you may not need to spend an enormous amount of money at first.​

You may need to start off with a lower priced, beginner board and check it out to see if this is an action you will stay with. If you are vast experienced, you may be looking for certain features which will necessarily cost a bit more than a quality board.​

You should always consider on an irregular budget before you start buying, while this will help narrow down your choice.​

The Quality of Materials​

You will find various types of materials used in the creating of longboards. A few are made of bamboo, while others are made from birch or maple.​

Producers have also started using other materials in making their longboards such as carbon or foam, fiberglass. These are indeed used in the bottom of the board, and each material has its purpose and function.​


Take a Quick Look of Top 10 Best Longboards

Get a quality analysis on the very best longboards in the industry. Find out which have special design, greater speed, better stability and much more. You have the best value possible.​

Today, I am intended to choose the best longboards 2018. Therefore, I selected 10 of my favorite boards given below.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard

Editor Rating

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is provided by Quest and seems to be the popular beginner longboards out there.

Newcomers tend to love this board as the combination of low price, stylish design, quality components and are a combination that is hard to beat.

The Quest Super Cruiser deck features 44 inches from end to end and is 9 inches wide. While this length is perfect for most average heights, for skaters shorter than 5′ 6″, you might be attracted to the shorter 34-inch version, the Quest Rorshack.

The best longboard cruiser deck is built with a mix of artisan bamboo and hardwood maple of which the hardwood maple shows through prominently. The deck is stiff and only bent a bit when I stood on it.

If you are attentive in commuting, the best longboard cruiser weighs features 10 pounds which can be heavy if you are walking around with it for a while. For pleasant carving, Quest determined to go with standard 7-inch aluminum trucks.

Highlighted Features

  • 44-Inch artisan bamboo longboard
  • Durable 70mm PU wheels
  • Rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Multi-ply hardwood maple
  • Beautiful Artisan bamboo deck
  • Fast and free shipping
Yocaher Professional Stained Longboard

Editor Rating

Yocaher Professional Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard seems to be the best for its smooth and fast riding, fantastic stability with tight turning radius.

The Yocaher has committed to introducing high standard Longboards.

As a result, it is comfortable to use for cruising, downhill and freeriding. It features to attain maximum highest speed.

The great concave curvature of this drop through Longboard confirming that both the heel and toes of the foot of riders stay locked with it.

The cut out of the deck features the wheels to get clearance highly. The Longboard has comprised dependable ABEC 7 chrome bearings. This will help you to upgrade faster.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for professional longboard riders
  • Q-Ball 70x52mm Wheels 78A Hardness
  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Aluminum Alloy and 180mm Hanger
  • Features Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
  • 80A Black Grip Tape
  • Construction: 9-Ply Maple, Concave: High Flex: None
  • Fully assembled and free shipping
Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard

Editor Rating

The Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard is an entirely popular board to see nowadays.

These boards are seen running along campus streets as a type of transportation, college students using them in place of cars or motorbikes.

The design is of first class quality, using industry standard materials like as 8 ply maple material, cold pressed. This board features a great focus on stability, giving you highest speed without sacrificing control.

This stable board can handle plenty of different obstacles and still keep going. The most quality feature of this longboard is that its gullwing sidewinder trucks are also perfect for generating top speed by its double-pivot system.

Its gullwing sidewinder trucks are the premium standard which offers smooth small radius turns and slides.It features 69mm wheel which is a low range wheel, implies that it gives better speed than it does acceleration.

This board features with control in mind. It works well with the stop and goes commuting.​

Highlighted Features

  • Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks
  • Sector 9 Aperture Drop Through Deck
  • Sector 9 Abec 5 Bearings
  • 26.375" WB x 36.0" L x 9.0" W
  • 69MM 80A 9-BALLS Wheels
  • Free shipping
Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard

Editor Rating

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard, 9.6-Inch x 42.0-Inch gains popularity for its outstanding reputation.

It manages like it is on rails and rides it is floating on air. It is known as Mercedes-Benz of longboards.

The bearings are excellent that after you spin the wheels, they keep rotating for around 30seconds. The trucks on the Longboard will assist you to manage it completely. 

The Longboard is perfect for those who choose solid adventure or steep slope rides only to have some fun. The overall positioning and size of the trucks help to ride on the rough roads.

The board is also suggested for those who like to travel anywhere a lot. This longboard is built with 5-ply vertically laminated Bamboo, which makes it flexible and light.

Highlighted Features

  • Wheels 74mm 78 duro
  • Wheels Color may vary
  • Five-ply vertically laminated Bamboo
  • Sector 9 top shelf wheels including PDP Abec 5 bearings
  • Rides on 10" Gullwing Chargers
  • Free shipping
Atom Pintail Longboard

Editor Rating

The Atom Pintail Longboard seems to be great for beginners. It has the standard pintail shape as can be seen from the photo.

Since at 39” long it features a smallish deck, it has the right components for excellent maneuverability.

The Atom Pintail Longboard has some excellent features to offer, like its bearing, trucks, and wheels.

​The trucks feature 8.5 inches in size and are built with aluminum, which is a durable, yet lightweight material that is cleanly enduring and can easily resist most climate conditions without getting damaged.

The Atom Pintail features a 9.4-inch wide deck. The deck is built with full maple laminate which provides the longboard a bit stiff feel when you are riding it.

The ABEC 5 seems to be the bearings on this longboard, which implies that they are not the best in the market but suitable for the beginners.​

Highlighted Features

  • Classic Pintail shape
  • Pintail longboard great for cruising
  • Abec 5 Bearings
  • Deck - Maple Laminate Deck
  • 78A urethane wheels
  • 8.5 inches Aluminum Trucks
  • Free shipping
Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Longboard

Editor Rating

The awareness of the Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail Complete Longboard Skateboard is growing day by day as Yocaher added unique features to it.

It is best for smooth and fast riding, and stability. The Longboard features a maple deck that has medium flex.

It offers better stability while cruising at great speeds. The Longboard is perfect for the newcomer as it has a deck of pintail teardrop shaped.

The pintail shape of this Longboard confines from contacting the wheels with the board. Campus Cruisers are also good for it. The longboard has comprised some nice touches this cause an excellent value for money.

Highlighted Features

  • Construction: 9-Ply Maple
  • Concave: None, Flex: Medium
  • Abec 7 Chrome Bearings
  • Ideal for beginner longboard riders
  • HD7 Heavy Duty Trucks
  • 180mm Hanger and Aluminum Alloy
  • Free shipping
Santa Cruz Lion Freeride Longboard

Editor Rating

Santa Cruz Longboards are familiar for the excellent artwork that goes into making them.

This Longboard features a Santa Cruz Metallic Ink Drop Down Longboard Deck which dimensions in at 10 inches by 40 inches.

This best longboard for a beginner provides stability and ease in riding being a drop down longboard. Another quality feature of this longboard is that all the parts used in this longboard are Santa Cruz parts, which are first class, standard parts.

The Santa Cruz Longboard features ABEC 9 rated bearings with top-speed lubricant for maximal performance. The high standard 75mm Road Rider wheels that appear with this longboard features a durometer rating of 78A.​

Highlighted Features

  • Drop Down
  • Size: 10" X 40"
  • Construction: 9-ply Maple
  • Trucks: Road Rider 180
  • Wheels: OJ Thunder Juice 75mm/78a
  • Free shipping
SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Longboard

Editor Rating

Natural Blank & Stained Assembled Longboard is perfect for those who are new at longboarding and are at a minimum budget.

It wheels and deck proves it a good all-rounder longboard. But it still makes sure a smooth ride.

This board features 9 inches wide and 40 inches long. It also features 70 millimeter wheels and 7 inches Hanger aluminum alloy trucks. The bearings are of ABEC 5.

The SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Assembled Complete Longboard is perfect for long rides on tough regions. This board is best longboard for beginners because of the balance and support it provides.

Highlighted Features

  • 7 Ply Maple Construction
  • Aluminum 7" Trucks
  • SCSK8 Precision Abec 9 Red Bearings
  • SCSK8 Pro Black Grip Tape
  • 70mm PU Wheels
Rimable Drop-through Longboard

Editor Rating

Rimable Drop through Longboard 41 inch is intended to meet the requirements of the customers.

After hours of study, analyzing and testing the features, we put Rimable Drop-through Longboard 41-inch is the best in Longboards List.

The quality feature of this best longboard amazon is that its 70x51mm PU Wheels which are sturdy and rough terrain simplify a comfortable ride.

These wheels are understanding very well on the ground and remain stable at the time of moving in the maximum motion.

Usually these wheels do not wear or tear without an unexpected hard hit with heavy materials. Its great polyurethane wheels and ABEC9 bearings offer super fast speed and durability.​

So the best longboard for the money is perfect for the stylish riders who like downhill and free-ride.​

Highlighted Features

  • Cold Press 9 ply full maple laminated deck
  • Drop Through 7inch 180 aluminum truck
  • ABEC-11 with high-speed lubricant
  • 41X9.5 Inch Size with Freerider Shape longboard
  • Free shipping
Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard

Editor Rating

The Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard is dropped through style for highest speed and stability and also features a simplistic, but latest design.

The standard aspect of this longboard is the graphic on the gri tape that connects to the look of the board.

The bearings are best of the line ABEC 9, and the wheels are great and soft to offer a smooth ride over rough roads and sidewalk cracks.

Both tails of this Volador longboard are sloped to accommodate for the potential for tricks and easy maneuverability.

Overall I consider these are a very sleek looking choice at a great price, and I do not have any negative words to say about it.

Highlighted Features

  • Maple laminate with photo heat transfer graphic
  • 40-degree base - 180mm hangers
  • Aluminum die casting trucks
  • Volador 70mm diameter - 51mm wide
  • ABEC 9 with high-speed lubricant
  • Grip: Coarse OS780
  • Free shipping


Longboarding seems to be a sport that is increasing popularity as it is easier that skateboarding and is an excellent form of transport. 

Similar to skateboarding, riding a longboard seems to be great fun in a group.​ It is a fun and active way to get where you need to be, in style and comfort, including the wind in the hair.​

So, start to think of the destinations you will reach when you buy the best longboard. We consider that the above mentioned best longboards will help you to choose the best.​

However, don’t forget… as a consumer, you never miss and let me inform us with your comments below.​

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